Mothers Project

Mothers Project volunteer lawyers provide assistance to mothers in need at Auckland Women’s Regional Correctional Facility and Arohata Prison in Wellington.

Photo of Stacey Shortall speaking to women in prison
Photo credit Fairfax Media

Reports indicate that a growing number of children have an incarcerated mother, and that regular family contact may:

  • improve the wellbeing and development of children
  • help with transitions when mothers go home
  • reduce the likelihood that mothers return to prison

Many obstacles other than prison can keep mothers and their children apart, but we believe incarcerated mothers can maintain meaningful connections with their children.

Mothers Project aims to:

  • help maintain family ties while mothers are separated from their children
  • empower mothers through knowledge
  • alleviate family challenges
  • correct misperceptions
  • provide access to different role models

The work Mothers Project lawyers do includes:

  • reviewing and explaining legal documents
  • coordinating with mothers’ court-appointed lawyers for family court cases
  • helping mothers understand their responsibilities and rights as parents
  • advocating to help arrange visits between mothers and their children
  • helping mothers plan for going home to their children

If you are a lawyer wanting to volunteer, or for more information on Mothers Project, contact Stacey Shortall.

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