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Homework_FinalWhy Homework Club? New Zealand has one of the biggest gaps between good and poor readers in the world.  This impacts job prospects and limits possibilities for our country. Homework  Clubs are a simple way to increase community engagement in promoting the social, emotional and academic growth of children, opening doors to a brighter future for our kiwi kids.

How do Homework Clubs help? We partner firms, businesses or organisations with local low decile primary schools.  The programme is simple: a school makes available classroom or library space for students to gather to work on their reading or other homework, and a group of volunteers spends an hour a week helping these kids with their homework. Watch this video to see how simple it is.

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Feedback from both schools and participating firms has been very positive.  Schools report that children benefit from having the extra time and space to work quietly, with support if necessary, as well as having different role models and developing new relationships with other adults from the community.  Volunteers describe being inspired by the talent and enthusiasm of students, plus feeling like they are really able to offer some meaningful help. Our unique approach creates a genuine partnership between a business or organisation and a school in their community.

After a two year pilot at Holy Family School in Porirua, new Homework Clubs are starting up around the country.

“It’s about opening our kids’ eyes to the different possibilities out there … these kids are very happy, talented, knowledgeable, and smart.” Chris Theobald, Principal, Holy Family School

Do you want to get involved? Please click here to sign up if you are a low decile primary school. Please click here if you are an organisation interested to provide volunteers.

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