When Stacey Shortall asked the crowd, off-the-cuff, at the 2015 Women of Influence awards dinner “Who did you help today?”, she was simply repeating the question that she asks her children over dinner each night. What Stacey did not anticipate is how the question would catch on. Within days, this simple dinner-time question had gained such momentum that it was fast becoming a movement. Social media channels lit up. Media stories ran. And Who Did You Help Today™ was born.

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Who Did you Help Today is about unleashing the magic of helping so that social good grows in New Zealand. It is about reminding us all that, from small gestures to big efforts, helping another New Zealander each and every day matters.

Determined to develop innovative grassroots solutions to tackle entrenched social issues in New Zealand, Who Did You Help Today currently has three projects that support connecting our communities to create positive change. With other ideas in the development pipeline, these current projects are:

HelpTank – New Zealand’s first home-grown digital platform that connects not-for-profits with skilled professionals to enhance collective capability to achieve social change. HelpTank brings together capability with need in our country so that people reconnect for good.

Mothers Project logo in blue and yellowMothers Project – connecting volunteer lawyers with imprisoned mothers to provide assistance to maintain family ties while mothers are separated from their children, empowering them through knowledge, alleviating family challenges, and providing access to different role models.

Homework Help Club bannerHomework Help Club – connecting workplaces with low decile primary schools to support students’ learning at a weekly club. Students get to think broadly about education and job possibilities, while volunteers learn about their communities and the students’ potential.

Who Did You Help Today is a registered charity. To support our work, check out our givealittle page.

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